Core team

DHRITI is led by women. Women are the flag bearers of tradition, culture and institutions in any society. DHRITI aims to tap into the inner conscience of an Indian woman. Over decades of friendship and camaraderie, we have been an endless source of encouragement to each other and our families. Madhumita is responsible for designing, Minakshi, the head of production and Asita Chakraborty runs Sales & Marketing.
Asita : Co-Founder
Asita is an entrepreneur and a fashionista. She read History at Jadavpur University and trained in teaching at the University of Calcutta. Her lasting interest in clothing and textile, and her training in History evolved into an intertwined passion for exploring handloom interwoven with the rich history of Indian textiles.
Madhumita: Co-Founder
Madhumita is an Architect-Urban Designer by profession. She has a keen eye for aesthetics. With a life-long passion, interest and training in design, she is constantly striving to be innovative and unique. Her vision is to create an organization that would work with marginalized women to promote Indian crafts and provide sustainable, equitable livelihoods. She is committed to utilise her skill set to shape DHRITI as a brand into a reality and leave a mark on the Indian ethnic fashion canvas.
Minakshi : Co-Founder
Minakshi is by nature, a motivating social mentor, an educator and a researcher. She had done extensive studies and research on sericulture and has a deep understanding of varieties of silk. After retirement she continues her passion as an entrepreneur and social reformer in gathering the hidden talents and artistry in India by taking active part in leadership for expounding creativity, harmony in diversity of art and culture.





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