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(Distinctive and Innovative Treasures of India)

Who are we?

We are Dhriti. Three women in our fifties, mothers, homemakers and professionals, fascinated by of our traditional textiles, attires, and embroideries, who have long dreamt of a design initiative to reflect and capture the beauty and diversity of this unique and rich cultural heritage.

Dhriti is a Sanskrit word which means resolution or courage. It is also one of the many names for the Goddess Durga. Empowered by the divine mother, determined to ignite the Durga within us and enriched by our long years of professional experience and motherhood, we chose to call ourselves DHRITI.
Thus began our journey.
I-REACH (India – Rediscovering Ethos, Art, Culture and Heritage) is a charitable trust to reach out to more women like us and bring them onto a vibrant, purposeful platform while allowing them to function in their respective comfort zones. We plan several verticals. DHRITI is the first. It is a non-profit organization that believes in the inherent artistic potential of creative homemakers and mothers and their ability to express themselves in creating luxury products for discerning individuals. Dhriti’s business model featuring innovation and experimentation is based on values like equity, originality, empowerment, and sustainability. We believe in ‘Make in India’ and are determined to join and enrich India’s transformation into a global design and manufacturing hub. Our products are natural, unique, craft based, contemporary, and affordable. Like our patrons, every DHRITI product is uniquely designed and crafted. ‘My Choice Makes Me Unique’.

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