Who are we?

3 women had a special liking for the countless and varied forms of art and culture across India.
Fascinated by the beauty and diversity of India’s traditional textiles, attires and embroideries, they
dreamed of creating a design house which will reflect the rich cultural heritage of India.

DHRITI (Distinctive, Homey, Reasonable and Innovative Treasures of India) is a Sanskrit word which is
another name of Goddess Durga. Just like Maa Durga, women are powerful, experienced, courageous,
strong, determined, dedicated and incredible. The trio decided to go for this brand name of their venture
as it matches with their vision to inculcate the inner Durga in women which they carry within them.
So DHRITI is created and started its journey.


I-REACH (Institution – Rediscovering Ethos, Art, Culture and
Heritage) is a charitable trust aiming to reach out to the group of
women and bring them to a vibrant platform through which
they can find their comfort zone and feel purposeful. It has several
verticals. At present, DHRITI is one of the vertical of IREACH
with a mission guiding to a new horizon of entrepreneurship
powered with mother’s creativity to anchor

Talents only to boutique the objects for lifestyle purposes redefining
aristocracy and hidden beauty of every woman. It is a non-profit organization
that believes in potentiality and artistry to express our intrinsic thirst for
beauty and exquisiteness. Dhriti’s business model featuring innovation and
experimentation is based on certain values like equity, originality,
empowerment and sustainability. The brand believes in ‘Make in India’
movement and develops their products so that India transforms into
global design and manufacturing hub. DHRITI’s products are natural, unique,
craft based, contemporary, and affordable.

India is undergoing a shift toward individualistic expressions of beauty.
Each of DHRITI’s product is unique in design. So our tag line says
‘My Choice Makes Me Unique’.

Core team

DHRITI is led by women. Women are the flag bearers of upholding tradition, culture and institutions
in asociety. DHRITI aims to tap into the inner conscience of an Indian woman. Bonded by friendship the trio
have been a relentless source of encouragement to each other alongside their ever supporting families. After
years of tireless toiling the ladies have decided to take their respective positions, Ms Madhumita Ro
as the head of designing, Ms. Minakshi Majumder as the head of production and Ms. Asita Chakraborty
as the head of Sales & Marketing.

Asita Co-Founder

Asita is an entrepreneur, a fashion enthusiast, read History
at Jadavpur University and trained in teaching at the
University of Calcutta. Her lasting interest in clothing and
textile, and her training in History evolved into an
intertwined passion for exploring handloom amidst the
rich history of Indian textile industry.

Madhumita Co-Founder

Madhumita is an Architect-Urban Designer by profession.
She has a keen eye for aesthetics. Her life-long passion, interest
and training in design always motivates her to create something
innovative and unique. Her vision is to create an organization
that would work with marginalized sections especially women
to promote Indian crafts and provide sustainable, equitable
livelihoods to them. She is committed to utilise her skill set to
shape DHRITI as a brand into a reality and leave a mark on
the Indian ethnic fashion canvas.

Minakshi Co-Founder

Minakshi , by nature, a motivating social mentor ,an educator and
a researcher. She had done extensive studies and research on
sericulture and has keen interest towards quality and varieties of silk.
After retirement she continues her passion as an entrepreneur and
social reformer in gathering the hidden talents and artistry in India
by taking active part in leadership for expounding creativity,
harmony in diversity of art and culture.